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06 September 2010

Local residents invited to have their say about proposals for a new renewable electricity generating facility at Shoreham Port


Specialist renewable energy company Edgeley Green Power is seeking the views of local residents from Southwick and Fishersgate about their plans to build a small renewable electricity generating facility at Shoreham Port.

The company hopes to develop and operate the £12m modern power station on a one acre site next door to Shoreham Power Station on Fishersgate Terminal - an established industrial and power generating area. It will be fuelled by a variety of inedible plant oils and vegetable oils unfit for human consumption, which will be transported direct to the site by ship rather than road.

Edgeley Green Power has organised exhibitions over two days, so they can showcase their proposals to the public and seek feedback, prior to submitting a planning application for their proposed development in the Autumn.

The events are taking place on Wednesday 8 September from 12 to 8.30pm and Thursday 9 September from 10am to 12.30pm in the George Porter Room at Southwick Community Centre, 24 Southwick Street, Southwick BN42 4TE.

There will be the chance to talk to the Edgeley Green Power project team including chief executive Mike Reynolds, learn about the detail of the proposed development, view displays including plans and artist impressions of what the modern clean renewable power generating facility could look like and give feedback. Complimentary light refreshments will be available.

20 permanent jobs are set to be created once it becomes operational, including an apprenticeship scheme for school leavers, and it is hoped these can be recruited into from the local area where possible.

The proposed development is made up of:

  • A west facing 38 x 20m engine hall which will house the power generating engines and conceal alternators, designed with a curved roof inspired by the shape of a wave
  • A chimney located next to the engine hall with a height expected to be less than 65m high
  • A reception and administration building
  • Four main storage tanks, three of which will be 11.8m wide and 16m high, and one smaller tank at 7.8m wide and 10m high
  • Two small fuel tanks
  • A small boiler house adjacent to the front of the engine house
  • A substation which will house a control room for the transformer operating equipment
  • Transformers to convert the electricity generated for distribution via the Local Distribution Network

Should the planning application be successful, the company plans to complete construction and become fully operational next year. It will generate approximately 32 mega watts of electricity per hour - the equivalent of powering 18,000 average homes.

Mike Reynolds, Edgeley Green Power’s chief executive said: “Shoreham Port is the ideal location for us because we can bring all our fuel in by sea directly to site, meaning we can take full advantage of the port’s facilities and not impact on road traffic locally.

“We hope local residents will visit our exhibition which will be a great opportunity for us to hear their views, explain about our proposed development and hopefully allay any concerns. We will take all feedback into account before submitting our planning application later this year.”

Shoreham Port’s development director Peter Davies added: “We see renewable energy as a key part of the port’s future and Edgeley Green Power’s proposals for a new power plant fits very well with the port masterplan.”

To find out more log on to www.edgeleygreenpowershoreham.co.uk (from 12pm on Wednesday 8 September). If you have any queries about the proposed development please email: info@edgeleygreenpower.com


Artist impressions available upon request

For further information and to request an interview with Edgeley Green Power’s chief executive Mike Reynolds, please contact Fizz PR’s Jo Travis on m: 07979 800 897 or email: jo@fizzpr.co.uk.

Notes to editors

The public consultation, launching on 8 September 2010 and being undertaken by Edgeley Green Power Ltd, is a pre-application consultation and aims to seek the view of local residents about its proposals for a renewable electricity generating facility. It will not replace the statutory consultation which will be undertaken by the planning department of Adur District Council, once the full planning application for the development has been submitted.

Invitations for the exhibition have been delivered to 7,500 households in the area and public notice adverts have run in three local newspapers.

For further details about Edgeley Green Power please log on to: www.edgeleygreenpower.com

About our fuel

The main source of fuel we will use to power our engines is tall oil, produced during the wood pulping of mainly fast growing coniferous trees in Scandinavia and Canada. It is a component used in adhesive, ink and rubber manufacturing processes. The by product of tall oil is used in cement and asphalt.

The other fuels we plan to use are:

  • Used cooking oil from the UK and the rest of Europe, treated and refined to condition the oils to the correct quality for use in our engines
  • Crude and refined vegetable salvage oils which are unfit for human or animal consumption, offered on an ad hoc basis by insurers for a variety of reasons such as a result of cross contamination with other cargoes in vessels or land tanks, incorrect previous cargo tank usage, incorrect shipping documentation, or as a result of marine incidents.