Edgeley Green PowerPublic consultation
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How it will work

By locating our facility at a port location we are able to transport our fuel by ship directly to the site in bulk, therefore there will be no real increase in heavy goods vehicle road traffic locally. The only extra road transport to our site will be car movements bringing some workers to and from the site, and HGV deliveries of site consumable products amounting to approximately 12 HGV trips each month, with some waste removal.

The different oils are unloaded from ships docked at the quayside in front of our site and piped into our storage tanks, then pumped into the engine house and used to fuel the engines to generate electricity.

This electricity is then transferred through cables to transformers on our site which convert it from 11 kv to 33 kv – suitable to transfer into the Local Distribution Network which supplies electricity to the local area.

If granted planning permission, our Shoreham plant will generate approximately 32 mega watts of electricity per hour – the equivalent of powering 18,000 average homes.