Edgeley Green PowerPublic consultation
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Environmental impacts

Our facility will operate under the terms of an Environment Agency licence with limits set for air emissions and noise, both of which are monitored closely.

We also require an Environment Agency permit to handle used cooking oils.

A noise survey was undertaken at the site and at local residential locations and public spaces to measure current noise levels in the area. A noise assessment was prepared which demonstrated our facility will not adversely affect noise levels in the surrounding neighbourhood. The noise report formed part of our planning application.

As we transport fuel to our site by sea, once we are open for business there won’t be much extra traffic on the local roads, except for our staff travelling to and from work and the occasional road delivery vehicle.

A flood risk assessment was produced to consider the impact of the proposed development on the flood risk to the development itself and also to the surrounding area. A site assessment was carried out to consider the baseline conditions and the Environment Agency has been consulted about the flood risks. As part of the assessment the development has been measured for its impact on the current drainage system, and a drainage system for the new development has been designed. The findings of the flood risk assessment formed part of our planning application. Mitigation measures have been included in this report to ensure that the development does not have an adverse impact on flood risk to the area.