Edgeley Green PowerPublic consultation
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Frequently asked questions

Q: Will what comes out of the chimney affect local houses?

A: We aim to minimise our emissions by using proven technology and the appropriate control processes to manage and treat emissions. The height of the chimney is currently being designed in consultation with regulators such as the Environment Agency to ensure we meet air quality standards. Our combustion process is also being designed to incorporate other extra measures to control air pollutants, such as a selective catalytic reduction process (SCR).

The EA will not allow our proposed site to operate without an environmental permit, and to obtain this permit we must demonstrate how our design will meet air quality standards. This is in addition to all the other requirements we have fulfilled through the planning process.

Q: Will it smell?

A: Where necessary the fuel we use will be deodorised before it arrives at our site and it will be adequately handled and stored, then combusted in our engines at high temperatures. The temperature of combustion is so high that even our exhaust gases will be around 400 degrees centigrade. As described above, great care is being taken to ensure our chimney is the correct height. Its height is another way we can ensure odour is suitably controlled.

Q: When your engines are operating will there be any vibration felt in houses opposite?

A: Our engines will be mounted on foundation blocks with anti vibration mounts fitted, which we believe will control any vibration.

Q: Will the local roads get more congested near your site?

A: No. All our fuel for generating electricity is transported directly to site by ship, so there will be no impact on road traffic locally.